Feeling great, but still a little annoyed

About voting yesterday. I don’t understand how they are so not ready for the demand. They “expanded” – added one additional room in a FUCKING HUGE BUILDING that could only handle 5 voters at a time. (Seriously, the nickname of the building is “Taj Majal” – there is space!)

I’m not annoyed at anyone who was working the polls yesterday – they did a bang up job and none of them have any control over how many rooms are open or whatever. I thanked every person I encountered, from security to the folks handing out ballots and directing foot traffic once we got in the building. They were fantastic.

It was also weird to not get my post-voting Starbucks, but I did get a very large bag of food from the Potbelly that was right next to the government center, with my usual bag of a dozen oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, because I have no self control, and they are so, so good.

I still think we are definitely missing out by not having democracy sizzles at the polls like they have in Australia. I so would have thrown a couple bucks to the local Lions/scouts/whathaveyou for a coke & a hot dog after voting yesterday. (Or while waiting in line for that matter.)

This morning, my check engine light came on, ACK, but I was able to pull the code and it’s a sensor – here’s hoping it’s just the sensor gone bad and not something bad in the wiring leading up to the sensor that it’s trying to tell me about, just cause that shit can be hard to find. But seriously, I don’t need that right now.

Oh, Urban Decay, I love that you keep throwing me ads about sales and new eyeshadow palettes. Like I am going to really have any reason to wear makeup for the next year. But, gawd, their stuff is so shiny.

Here’s a Lily.

Lily, a black and orange tortoiseshell cat, curled up on a blue blanket
Huh? What?
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