Oh, it’s gonna be *that* kinda day

One where you wake up 45 minutes before your alarm and it’s still dark out and you just decide, Fuck it, I’m awake, let’s do this.

In Covid news, we have confirmation that 45 is an unmitigated ass who doesn’t give a shit about anyone. Also – what an idiot to think he could somehow make himself look good with Bob Woodward.

It’s not really shocking though – we all know he just shrugged his shoulders and said “It’s not like I’m going to get it” and went on his merry way, because we saw that play out in real time.

And for that, we’re have nearly 200,000 dead and god knows how many who will have lifelong health consequences, and none of us has had anything remotely resembling a “normal” day for over six months now.

The photos coming out the west coast are just insane. Green. New. Deal. Like, we needed that yesterday. Maybe with that we could stop yelling at people for having cars when we have a country with shit public transportation and maybe do something about the industrial polluters who are responsible for the vast majority of this.

One of many disheartening bits of all this (and there are so many) – 200K dead and half the country is *literally* on fire – and there is going to still be a big chunk of the population that loves its racism and sexism even more than you know, *living*, and will be voting for 45 this fall.

On that cheery note, time to go grind the gears for capitalism.

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