Another Friday!

And a half day to boot. Next week is gonna suuuuuck given that it will be FIVE WHOLE DAYS OF WORK – and I haven’t done that in three weeks, LOL.

Today’s half day timing is perfect, as I can do a quick run to the market right after work, and then work on Lily’s door. (My plans of working on it at lunch this week…HAHAHAHAHA)

My brother has said if necessary, he will shove her into the tunnel and shut the door behind her so I can get at least one shot of her out on the porch. I think she may be cautious at first, but will decide she likes it – she does enjoy sitting at the windows, so I think she’ll like it. I hope she does.

In other outdoor news, we were out on the porch last night, each of us equipped with an Off Clip On Fan, and damn if they didn’t seem to really work! And there were definitely some mosquitoes out there, as my brother said he got hit *while opening the fan packaging*, so I think we have a solution. (Once again, wish I’d thought of it in the spring…) I also grabbed one of their mosquito lamps, and I’m feeling good about that.

I’d get one of the yard foggers, but I don’t know what else it would kill, and we have a lot of birds and small mammals and beneficial bugs that I am happy to have around, so fans and lamps it is.

OK, time to power through an arduous four hour day.

You have an excellent Friday.

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