Tiny disappointment.

So, yesterday I cooked up some pork tenderloin with the jerk seasoning I found a few weeks back. It was good – but not what I remember my Mom making. Dammit!

My Mom wasn’t making her own white-people-no-spice version of jerk seasoning, it was a commercially available product, but damn if I have any idea what brand it was or where she got it. I think it definitely had more black pepper in it than anything I’ve stumbled onto to date, but beyond that, it’s hard to articulate what’s different.

I’ve now tried three different types of jerk seasoning, and all have been good, but just not “it” – close, but just not quite there. (Well, one was way more Moroccan tasting than Jerk, but still good it its own way.)

We also got some pineapple to go with it, so guess who is having pineapple with smoked sea salt for breakfa–err, lunch? How the hell is it almost 2PM? I was up before 9 this morning? WHERE DID THAT TIME GO?

I’m gonna blame the pandemic on that one.

In other ways the pandemic is mucking with my head big time: My gas station has been stocking these wipes – just plain alcohol wipes, unscented, not sticky, etc, and they’re great.

Oooh, 75%!

Now, every time I pop in there, I am finding I have a very difficult time *not* buying another pack of them. I don’t go through them that fast, but they’re really handy and damn if I have this irrational desire to have MANY, MANY PACKS OF THEM in my possession.

The amount of therapy I should probably *already* be getting thanks to the last 6 months.

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