OK, that was fun

Other than the grocery/drug store, I’ve legit not been in any other kind of retail shop since mid-March. So, the 13 minutes* I spent in the Hallmark store was…kinda awesome.

And I may have greatly lacked in impulse control. Hats off to whoever does the buying/staging in Hallmark shops, because those places are just one giant endorphin hit when you walk in.

The plan really was just to maybe get a candle or a notebook or something.

I got 3 candles. Two notebooks. Some pens. A little box of fancy sea salt chocolates. A little bag of double chocolate dipped peanuts. A guinea pig beanie baby for Lily.

And I discovered they carry Stonewall Kitchen products and had my favorite Bacon Onion Jam! (Very hit or miss finding it in the grocery store.) And I decided to try the Spicy Chili Bacon Jam, too, and I’m having it on some cheese right now and it is really tasty.

I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed being able to see stuff right in front of me before I buy it – internet shopping has been a godsend to be sure over the past 5 months, but this was really nice and weirdly fun, even if it was a very quick trip.

And I think my excitement at a Hallmark store trip is also very peak middle-aged white lady, LOL.

*I double checked the timestamps on the receipts from the shop & the grocery store I had to run into immediately before – probably actually closer to 11 minutes given that I went to my car between the grocery store and the shop. Longer than my preference of <=10 minutes in a place that is not home, but under that magical 15 minute mark.

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