It’s not even 9:30

And I am up, snagged Starbucks and been to the market. Go me, who is apparently actually 68 years old.

At the market, I saw a little girl with a great purple mask with little stars on it, and I made a point of telling her it was pretty.  Little kids aren’t dumb, and they do seem to love their safety protocols – but I know masks are a little much, so I’m gonna encourage the fuck out of wearing them.  

Speaking of masks, if you are still collecting them and would like to support the Squirrelwood Equine Sanctuaryyou can get masks with their critters on them!  I may or may not have a couple coming featuring Crouton the celebrity steer and Mojo the donkey.

Also – if you’re not following them on Twitter, you really should.  It’s a lovely account with great photos and videos and it’s just…nice.  They recently took in two pigs who have had a really rough go of things, and it’s just been so great to watch these little critters really start to thrive in their new home.

Another nice thing – WE HAVE A BABY PANDA!!

Summer is definitely starting to wane a bit here, it’s cool and grey this morning and you can just feel it in the air.  That and my beloved summer shandy is no longer in the market…  On to the Oktoberfest beers at the Front Porch Lounge.  (And what is probably the last case of Sam Adams Summer Ale for the season.)

I still miss going to my bar on the weekends, not just for the people, but it was nice to walk in and they just…had all the beers.  Now I have to actually go out and acquire them myself!  What a fucking pain in the ass, LOL.

In my wild and crazy plans for the weekend, I am going to the local Hallmark store.  They have pretty stationary, and Yankee Candles, and Vera Bradley stuff and I just…I just want out of the house for a bit and to get something nice for myself.  Basically – retail therapy.  Something a bit shiny to focus on rather than the unmitigated shitshow that is the world right now.  Maybe not the *healthiest* coping mechanism, but I mean, it’s not heroin, so…     

Keep your chin up and enjoy the weekend as best you can. 

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