Happy International Lily Appreciation Day!!

You may not have it on your calendar, but that’s OK, you know now. Apparently this time last year, for reasons he does not remember, my brother informed the cat that the 3rd Sunday in August is International Lily Appreciation Day. And – we both put it in our calendars, LOL, and this year we’re going, “What the hell prompted this?”

But hey, I’m not going to pass up an official day to spoil this cat. Got her some Fancy Feast treats (the tuna with scallops – I thought it would have bits of scallop, NO – it has a whole damn little scallop in it) and I’ve moved her couch pillow in front of the space heater, and she thinks that is AWESOME. (Thank god it’s grey and cool today.)

She’s certainly enjoying the day so far. I can’t get a good shot of her right now, but this is from the other day:

Lily, a black and orange tortoiseshell cat, snoozing on the bed

Oh, to not have a care in the world

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