More happy things…

Just a whole damn weekend full of reasons to smile.Β  Grab that joy wherever you can these days.

First, this – sound on!

Last night we got takeaway from our local tex-mex spot for the first time since before the pandemic and OMG, it was delicious, and there are leftovers. And because to-go alcohol is a thing now, I was able to get a couple of their excellent margaritas. (Totally unrelated, I’m sure, but I was also out like a light before 11 last night.)

Earlier this week I realized I was down to two pairs of shorts, so I hopped over to REI and they had my favorite Kuhl shorts on sale! They arrived yesterday, they fit, AND THEY HAVE SO MANY POCKETS.

I have managed to keep this african violet alive for a year AND IT’S BLOOMING AGAIN!

Photo of an african violet with purple flowers

And here’s a Lily for good measure:
Lily, a black and orange tortoiseshell cat, curled up on the sofa

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