Hump Day?

I think?  It’s one of those weeks where I’m not quite sure what day it is, but the computer says it’s Wednesday, so I’ll go with that.

Baseball may be back… And boy is this gonna be a clusterfuck.  Spring Training 2.0 starts July 1 or thereabouts with games starting July 23/24.  (Assuming half the league doesn’t pop positive in the next month, and I have my doubts that will happen.)  60 games.  Designated hitter in the National League.  Man on second in the 10th inning.

picture (12).gif

And I keep seeing “no fans” on the interwebs, but not from MLB – but regardless – hey Nationals, I need my money back for my August tickets – the current “credit only” option for future games on your website is bullshit.  (My dumb ass bought them at the beginning of March thinking the government would get its shit together.  So.  Dumb.)

It’s gonna be a total shitshow with an asterisk on every stat and I don’t even think they’ll start the season, much less hit 60 games.  Should have just called the season and 2021 would have been that much sweeter.

In AWESOME news, down to TEN WORKDAYS until we go social distance with different scenery!  I am way too excited about sitting on a different porch.  Plus, my turtle army!  Ooh, which reminds me, I need to buy turtle treats!

And in a delightful work-related turn – I have just the right amount of work between now and time off.  It’s lovely.  This time last year I wanted to hurl myself out a window trying to get everything done.  This year, my work laptop will be staying at home.


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