Fairly certain it’s Wednesday…

If nothing else, it’s definitely a weekday.

Tuesdays are now grocery pickup day. Giant/Peapod has been great, if a little wonky. If you put something in your basket and it goes out of stock before you your final checkout, you used to get a popup saying they’d taken it out of the basket. That popup doesn’t seem to be happening anymore, so there is the added challenge now of trying to figure out what isn’t on the list anymore when I open the app, LOL.

After pickup yesterday, I hit Starbucks since they’ve reopened for grab & go. OH MY GOD IT TASTED SO GOOD. And it was so nice to see the folks there and they were all “CINDY!!” and they’re all doing OK and it was just very nice. Given it was midday there wasn’t anyone else there, so it was easy, but I’m not really sure how they’re handling this in the mornings when it’s usually busy, but they do have areas marked off outside and boxes taped off on the ground, so there is some kind of plan. May make a treat run Saturday when I have time to just kinda stand by my car and watch and figure out how it’s working.

We had another department meeting yesterday, and I’ll give them credit, they’re saying the right words. Don’t know if I believe them because I have become a cynical bastard in my old age. And today they announced they’re bringing in a motivational speaker for a couple webinars which kinda blew it all. In the midst of cost cutting, I don’t even want to know what we spent on that, cause I don’t think this dude is doing these for free. It will be interesting to see how eyeroll inducing these are.

But, hey, I’m here, you’re here, so hey, it’s not all bad.

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