Watching the UK this morning

Boris Johnson is trying to open things up and the rest of UK leadership is responding with “Fuck that noise.” (Seriously, “stay alert” – what the hell?)

Northern Virginia appears to be taking the same route with regards to Virginia’s reopening, as are the Maryland suburbs on the other side of the river. That being said, the pronouncements so far have been a bit mealy mouthed and I’d really like to see something more forceful from my county.

In healthy coping mechanism news, I did a virtual 5K yesterday for the Friends of the Fairfax County Animal Shelter! I walked it, but damn I am slow even taking that into account! :) Maybe next year we can have a real one.

In “of course” news, Politico is reporting that the US supply chain is basically shit for vaccines. Made worse by our ridiculous refusal to work with the world community on a vaccine. Of. Fucking. Course. So, given our track record so far, sounds like vaccines will be available the way testing has been – the NBA will be fully vaccinated while the rest of us will be sitting for god knows how long around trying to figure out how not to get infected before we can get vaccinated – as government and employers force people out and about saying, “there’s a vaccine”.

It’s interesting to watch the BBC in the mornings. The folks in the UK are tired and frustrated and scared, just like everyone else. But, they’re not running about protesting staying home. Parents are ready to get the kids out of the house and back to school, but not ready to do it at the risk of folks health. Well, it’s pretty much like every other country outside the US – folks actually giving a shit about their fellow humans. And here, we have assholes running around having their white supremacist gun rallies ranting about “freedom”.

America has always been seriously problematic to put it mildly, and I guess I shouldn’t have expected better when we really needed to look out for our citizens, especially with this administration.

OK, time to go keep the economy going.

You have a good day, OK?

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