Well, past time to start yoga again.

Thanks to the LilyMonster. She’s been quite protective of me at night lately, which is lovely and sweet, but this also manifests as her starting the night down by my knees and slowly moving up the bed over the course of the night and me unconsciously scooting out of her way. I started last night taking up a regular amount of space and woke up this morning having access to only the top 1/4 of the bed and laying damn near sideways but with my head not really making the adjustment for this.

There was quite a lot of stretching just to get out of bed. This on top of very odd dreams involving the news that Dr. Fauci had to be in quarantine.

Speaking of the White House hotspot – it hit me that I am very, very sure that 45 looks at testing positive as some sort of personal/moral failure. In his ramblings about testing, I was surprised he didn’t blurt out, “Everything was great until Katie went and got herself infected.” (Also, he’s just a fucking idiot.)

Yesterday’s attempts at productivity were…less than optimal. I attempted a color treatment on my hair that pretty much did nothing, and I made dinner.

Today’s big accomplishment has been calling the cable company – they kicked things on their end, I rebooted yet again, I have BBC News again!

I think the next big thing on tap for today will be…a nap.

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