Up too early for a Saturday yet again.

Seriously, my ass rolled out of bed at 9:30 this morning. IT’S SATURDAY, I’M ALLOWED TO SLEEP TIL WHENEVER. Whenever is not supposed to be 9:30! My brother was up even earlier than I was, so we at least avoided the now normal traffic jam at the coffee pot, and bonus, the kettle was still warm so I got my coffee a little quicker. (I’m starting to think that when I replaced the old kettle, I should have gotten an electric one. Why I didn’t see a pandemic & massive quantities of at home coffee via french press coming 3 years ago is beyond me.)

Yes, his totally fucked up sleep schedule has somehow righted itself in this pandemic and we routinely crash into each other in the kitchen in the mornings. Lily is VERY confused by this turn of events. There is a lot of “IS HE ALLOWED IN HERE RIGHT NOW?” yelling in the mornings.

Speaking of her furry highness, she is AGHAST at the weather. It’s May 9th and 43º outside and that is simply unacceptable in her little golden eyes. I’m not thrilled with it either. It’s MAY for fucks sake! We shouldn’t still be having freeze warnings! With pollen alerts at the same time!

In an attempt to stay positive, I have booked Lily in for her week at the pet resort in July. The beach is two months off and the go/no-go decision is probably going to be very last minute, so might as well hope for the best. Maybe it will all be takeaway dinners and in house cocktails and sitting on the porch drinking beer and watching the turtles – there are far worse ways to spend a week. We can social distance there as easily as we can here, but with some salt air and turtles.

In other being good and staying home news, I did NOT go to Starbucks this morning, even though they are open for grab & go. I cannot say that I will be as good Tuesday afternoon after I pick up the groceries. (They’re in the same shopping center.)

Now, time to figure out what to do with myself with the rest of the day. All kinds of options…clean, read, stitch, take a walk, or, just sit my ass on the couch and watch Netflix, LOL.

Lily, a black & orange tortoiseshell cat, curled up on a red & white pillow

This weather is bullshit.

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