We made it to another Friday

Day 57 of all this and Happy VE Day! The BBC is interviewing a historian about women in the war and she talked about how women were doing all kinds of war related work and then taking care of everything at home on top of it. Sounds oddly familiar, doesn’t it?

She also said that they knowing what they were doing made a difference made the work easier. I think that is what makes the current lockdown stuff hard – it doesn’t feel like it makes a difference when you watch the numbers continue to climb and Governors deciding to just open shit up anyway.

And now they are interviewing a couple who must be in their 90s – who moved in together at the start of the lockdown. OMG, she’s saying they’re “very close friends” and he’s saying “Oh yes, very close!” with a hella twinkle in his eye, and they’re giggling like teenagers and I don’t think I’ve seen anything as freaking adorable in a while.

In other news, Senators Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders and Ed Markey want to send 2K a month to pretty much everyone, retroactive to March, until 3 months after HHS says this is over. YES, YES, YES, especially considering that states like Texas and Ohio that are reopening far too soon and essentially forcing people into unsafe work environments by denying unemployment.

But, I am sure it will go nowhere, because the Republicans in the Senate & the administration will go, “But look, things are reopening, there will be jobs all over the place!” Plus that weird GOP thing of “dignity in work” and “if we give people money when they’re not working, they will never, ever, ever work EVER again.”

A) On the whole, work sucks, and B) So what if someone gets a UBI and can live within it and doesn’t work again? Or *GASP* it forces employers to be more competitive for employees because they have a fallback income? Can’t have that…

Speaking of work, today is our first half day Friday! Two very odd things about this (do not get me wrong, I LOVE IT) – one, they’re only planning on doing it until the offices reopen. Friday traffic will still suck for folks who do go back to the office, we should keep it up permanently. Also, they said in the announcement “some places call this ‘summer hours’, but we’re calling it ‘oddly company branded thing!'” Excuse me while I go propose “CompanyFlexiSched!” if branding is what makes it happen. Seriously – all the rules are out the window, we should be really looking st compressed/alternate schedules – who cares if your 80 hours happens in 8 days or 10 as long as you’re getting everything done? It might not work for every department, but we shouldn’t rule it out for everyone.

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