Throwback Thursday…

So, what was I doing a year ago today… Oh, whatever I wanted. What was that like again?

In some good news, it seems our pay cuts start with the first full pay period in May vs. the first paycheck in May. That, or I seriously hosed my withholding form, cause I’m no accountant, but I’m pretty sure when your gross pay goes down, your net pay should not go up. Oh wait, I am an accountant, it definitely shouldn’t do that.

My salon is really confident that the Governor will announce that Phase 1 that will start on 5/15 and they’re opening. They’ve got all kinds of precautions in place, everyone masked & gloved, no more than 10 in the salon, extra cleaning, etc, etc. Despite the fact that my roots are ridiculous, I’ll hold off, BECAUSE YOU CAN’T DISTANCE WHILE GETTING YOUR HAIR DONE. And I’m not going to put my stylist & wonderful shampoo gal at risk for highlights no one is going to see anyway.

In other Covid related news, the compiler that VDH has been using to tally all the numbers shit the bed night before last, so while I am sure they’ve tallied it up by hand for the Governor, the rest of us still are looking at numbers from 5/5. I am sure there are folks looking at this and seeing some conspiracy to hide numbers. I work for a software company – trust me, there is just some dev out there going, FUUUUUUUUUUCK. As a data junkie, I am very annoyed at no information, but my god I feel for whoever is trying to fix this.

Speaking of opening and such – NPR has a good article w/recommended benchmarks for states, and Virginia is just not there yet. We should be hitting 16K+ tests a day and a positive case rate of 10% or less. We’re not even averaging 5K tests a day yet and our positives are nowhere near 10%. I just can’t help but wonder what things would look like if the feds had actually HELPED with mass testing from the get-go, but instead the Cheeto in Chief is still blaming China instead of actually doing anything.

picture (3).gif

But hey, we’re still here and let’s all survive this out of sheer spite if nothing else.

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