Well, damnit

For a few minutes this morning, I thought it was Thursday. Alas, it is not. (For anyone that needs to know – it is Wednesday.)

Had my first “whoa, why isn’t anyone social distancing” moment in a dream last night. I suspect that won’t be the last one, and I’m kind of surprised it took this long to have one.

Ocean City’s beach & boardwalk is opening this weekend. Well, that’s stupid.

Adventures in grocery shopping… Yesterday got the message “your order will be ready for pickup at 2, here’s what you got” – clicked and milk was not there. Well, shit – milk hasn’t been an issue since plague panic Friday. But, determined to NOT let this derail my day (and trust me, that was an option,) I go to 7-11 first, grab a gallon, go do the pickup, they bring out the cart – and the milk is right there on top. Lesson learned: The “what you got” link only has what they’ve put in your cart so far and milk is the very last thing they put in. BUT BOY HOWDY DO WE HAVE MILK.

With everyone staying home, guess what else is getting a little harder to find quickly? Coffee syrups. Realizing today that I need to schedule those reorders a little sooner than before. So many weird little adjustments. (Yes, I realize that as a society we have been utterly spoiled by availability and shipping speeds. I’m OK with that being redirected for health care purposes.)

Last night, Rachel Maddow went off on the meat processing industry (quite rightly) and it was satisfying. Seriously, how do you look around at what is going on and just…do nothing? You can’t process anything if all your workers are sick, dumbfucks.

In a good but weird turn – it seems my hands are starting to finally get used to the seemingly constant handwashing. Could be the slightly warmer weather, or my body has just gone, “send all the oils to the hands!” – but I am not feeling like I constantly need to dunk my hands in a vat of hand lotion. This may also be in part due to switching at least one bathroom to some of the inventory of fancy assed bar soaps I have on hand. (I used to think Softsoap was great, now I kinda hate it. My fancy soap habit may be paying off.)

Welp, go be your best socially distanced self today!

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