I have to run errands today. It’ll do me good to get out of the house, but it’s a hassle I’m not totally in the mood for just yet. I probably need more coffee.

Just went out to start my car since it seems like it’s been forever, but looking at my list of where I’ve been, I guess it was only Monday? The good news is that the car did start!

With the meat case at the grocery store being so hit or miss (and possibly taking another panic hit with all the reports of meat processing plants being closed) I know I can’t count on the pickup service for it, especially since they don’t appear to be any substitutions going on.

So, in person marketing today to see what the meat case has to offer, and grab a couple things that didn’t make the last pickup. (I still don’t believe they ran out of orange marmalade of all things, but OK.) Annnnd I just looked at the site and they’re limiting meat purchases, so I’m guessing it will be totally wiped out when I go in – or maybe it will be OK because folks won’t be able to buy 20 pounds of porkchops in a single go. We’ll see.

I’ll still keep Tuesday’s pickup order, as we’ll be right at the point of needing milk & coke, and even if I drop the meat items off the order, it will be easy enough to get back to the $30 minimum via BEER!

And if the meat case is decimated, it’s off to the proper butcher shop. It’s more expensive, but it’s insanely good quality, it’s a great local business, and they have things in stock. I usually reserved a trip to their shop for special occasions, but if a pandemic doesn’t count as a special occasion, I don’t know what does.

I went to their Facebook page to see if there were any operating changes, and they are requiring all folks to be masked up in the store and have them if you don’t have one. Fine by me. One of the first comments was “Well, you’ve lost my business!” – it was reassuring to see the near universal response of “Welp, bye Coronavirus Karen!”

No one I know enjoys wearing masks out and about. It’s weird and can be claustrophobic. It can feel like plague theatre because of all the mixed messages we’ve gotten on them over the past 3 months. But it’s also a very easy thing to do and it’s not going to hurt, that’s for sure. Just do it.

It’s so weird to have to put so much thought and planning into something as seemingly simple and ordinary as grocery shopping. (I can hear my grandmother’s voice going, WELL DURING THE WAR… Yes, gran, I know.)

But, there will be a treat at the end of all this today. POTBELLY! (It’s right next to the butcher shop, and even if I don’t have to go to the butcher shop today, it’s still happening.) So, since everything went to shit on 3/13, we’ve gotten takeaway 3 other times. I got Potbelly on 3/14 after a day very much like today of “will there be anything in the meat case?” and I was sad and hungry and exhausted. My brother got donuts the next morning (and that was the last time he went anywhere.) And pizza about two weeks ago. I know we should probably be taking more advantage of all the takeout options available, but at the same time, I’m weirdly proud of all our eating in?

And then the other big exciting plan for the day is some trial hair dying. BWAHAHAHA, my hairstylist is gonna hate me when this is all over.

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