And somehow, it’s May? Because March taking approximately 10 months and April lasting a week and a half is totally on brand for 2020.

Virginia has said we can go back to the dentist now. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Hard pass on that for the time being. I know, it’s weird that I am not interested in having someone’s hands in my mouth for an hour or two.

I also think I’ve hit the point where if I hear someone say “we’re in this together” again, I think I’m going to lose my shit, because clearly we are NOT. Regular people are turning themselves inside out to try and help others. And then there are folks with a fuckton of resources, or who can direct fucktons of resources, who haven’t done shit.

And then there is this in Georgia:

If you didn’t think all we did was look out for the investor class and a certain segment of the white folks in this country before now, I do hope that this pandemic has cleared things up for you.

And then we have Lindsey Graham, who doesn’t understand how unemployment works to start with, and thinks if you get paid more on unemployment than at your job, that the problem couldn’t possibly be that you’re fucking underpaid:

This while the Senate doctor has said they don’t have enough tests for all the members when they come back, so he may get his dead bodies wish. :/ I’m guessing he won’t be in favor of any additional direct payments to folks either, even though they are really needed – but with states opening up again, against all common sense and science, I’m guessing we won’t even see it. (And if they do another round, FFS, don’t means test it on 2018/19 income, that is completely meaningless at this point.)

May that man spend the rest of his life stepping on Legos when barefoot, or in cat puke while in socks, and never know a moment of peace or joy.

The meat processing plants… I don’t understand how management looks at what is happening in the world and doesn’t immediately call in whatever the polar opposite of McKinsey is and say “OK, how do we make this as safe as possible” and then JUST DOING IT, but instead, just keep going on until everyone in their damn plants and communities are infected and dying. OK, I do understand, but JFC. They could have just come out and said, “We have to slow down processing so we can keep everyone safe *and* get you porkchops and chicken breasts” but I guess that is a bridge too far.

On a more upbeat note – YOU MADE IT TO FRIDAY, WELL DONE!! Lily is very proud of you. Go be your kickass self from the safe confines of your home, or at the proper distance if you have to go out.

Lily, a black and orange tortoiseshell cat, sitting on a dresser.

You are here, that’s awesome.


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2 Responses to IT’S FRIDAY!!

  1. Ashley says:

    WE MADE IT!!! And it’s all thanks to Lily willing us along.

    Yeah, I *badly* need a root canal, but going for bloodwork yesterday was harrowing enough. I’m not going into an office with my mouth wide open and getting a virus tunnel drilled into my soft tissue. I’ll stick to pretending the left side of my mouth doesn’t exist when chewing/drinking, thanks.

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