Totes productive Sunday afternoon…

I have a household to-do list that is a mile and a few more miles long.

So, this morning, I got up, brewed some coffee and watched the BBC world news and some other TV for a while.

Then took a nap for about two hours once we hit the actual afternoon hours.  (It was great, even with weird nap dreams.)

Then spent about three hours on the front porch drinking beer and getting pleasantly, mildly shitfaced while watching everyone out walking and being healthy.

Of course, during this period was the first time I have talked to my neighbors immediately across the street since this all started.

Of course, I had to check that they are OK on paper towels & toilet paper.

Because while I may be a total fuckup getting a wee bit day drunk on a Sunday afternoon – I am a fuckup with a good supply of paper towels & toilet paper, and that’s not nothing these days.

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