It occurs to me

That if I wrote as much when things are NOT a total shitshow, I could have like, 12 novels written. Oh well, weird coping mechanisms FTW here.

This morning the IHME site is now saying Virginia could ease restrictions as soon as May 27th vs the earlier June 4th date.

picture (2).gif

Seriously, IMHE boos, I thought we had an understanding?!

picture (1).gif

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want my out of the house entertainment to be perpetually limited to the grocery store, but… While Virginia hasn’t been slacking, but we were a little late to the stay at home party, and testing isn’t where it needs to be, and I just don’t know if we can really get there in a month.

Maybe it just doesn’t feel like we’ve actually done that much – sitting around and not going anywhere but the grocery store isn’t that hard, and it doesn’t feel like it accomplishes anything. (I know it *does*, but it’s just so passive, it doesn’t feel like much.)

Well, off to test software and pretend everything is normal.

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