Another Saturday

Where I woke up FAR too early, and there is a horrific lack of eggs, bacon, breakfast potatoes, and the lovely folks at my local diner.

That being said, if the Governor opened everything up tomorrow, there is no way in hell I’d be going out.

As it is, the Gov is talking about opening some things as soon as the second week of May and I am cringing hard at that. They want 10K tests a day before opening and given our growth rates in testing, we don’t hit that until late May. Plus I want a couple **weeks** of 10K tests, actual contract tracing, and testing of asymptomatic folks before I go wandering about. (Hell, I want random folks picked by zip code and tested just to see.)

The good news is that though our raw numbers seem ugly as fuck, the actual growth rate of cases is going down. In 30 days, we’ve gone from 30% increase/day to under 7%, so that’s definitely something.

Thing is, we still haven’t even hit 1% of the Virginia population tested.

Trying to figure out what numbers will make me feel less twitchy is a hell of a mental exercise.

I really wonder what tics we’re all going to come out of this with that are going to he hella hard to shake.

I think there are going to be a LOT of medical professionals that have a closet at home that is nothing but stockpiled PPE.

I’m already weird about my pantry and freezer stocks, don’t see that sliding anytime soon.

Not at ALL excited about rescheduling my dental cleaning. Someone standing next to me with their hands in my mouth for an hour? NOPE. Not enough nitrous or valium in the world to make that comfortable yet.

Hell, I’m not even sure about getting my hair done. I literally *just* got an email that my salon is tentatively reopening on 5/12. As much as I VERY much need my hair done… I mean, sure, we’ll see, but right now, not so much. That and I have purple color depositing shampoo enroute that may need time to wash out. :-D

Basically, can’t wait for things to open up while I sit here going…

picture (1).gif

Watch, I’ll be ready to get out and about just in time for the fall lockdowns.

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