Hey, it’s Friday!

And you’re here!  Excellent job!

A happy Friday to everyone except that idiot in the Oval Office and everyone who enables him.

I’d been pretty pleased with my very responsible levels of alcohol consumption through this. I am very much enjoying my evening post-work beer, and weekend Irish Coffees, and yes, there has been one shower beer. (That was delightful!) I am really understanding my Dad’s after work cocktail these days, but yeah, we’re all about the moderation here.

Then 45 had his presser yesterday… And I want to just have an entire pitcher of Bloody Marys for breakfast.

I mean, I don’t want to discourage intellectual curiosity. I am sure he heard about the UV disinfecting machines for masks and thought…wait, can that work on a person? It’s actually not a terrible question to ask, especially if you’re not a scientist or doctor. But you ask it BEFORE you go in front of a group of reporters.

The “get disinfectant inside you” comment… That one, well, I got nothing.

My mental health has been pretty good through all this (considering everything) – but knowing how many people we could have saved if we actually had a competent and functioning executive branch is so, so very depressing, and that just gets worse every day.

One of many things I keep coming back to is that if we’d had actual widespread testing & contract tracing so folks *knew* they were positive and could have quarantined right away – first, we would have reduced the positive numbers overall, and with those reduced numbers, we could have had earlier medical intervention for symptomatic patients. (I know there is no actual “treatment” but having folks not go to the ER until they are *having problems breathing* seems…too late.) And less positives means more people still here with us.

Thanks to the GOP, 45, and his followers who just hate science and education and gleefully embrace willful ignorance, we have 50,000 deaths that didn’t have to happen. I will never forgive them for this, I want every one of them voted out of office, and I hope they never know a moment of peace for the rest of their lives.

Yes, if Hillary Clinton was President, we would still have cases. There still would be people who wouldn’t survive. But you can know damn good and well that we’d still have the pandemic office, she would have taken it seriously from the outset, there would be testing levels rivaling South Korea, and I genuinely think everyone’s anxiety levels would be a notch or two lower.

But no, we have the racist moron and his merry band of xenophobic shitbirds.

Take care, and survive this just so you can see this man removed from office.

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