Hey, a good thing!

Woke up to a bank notification that my state tax refund has been deposited. YAY!

And I’ve got big honkin’ cup of beach coffee, which is always a good thing.

And I have a before-the-pay-cut paycheck coming tomorrow.

And I’m still employed. And presumably covid-negative.

And I’m not nearly as sore as I thought I’d be after going ashcan over teakettle at CVS yesterday.

And my grocery store has restarted order online/curbside pickup now that stock levels aren’t so wacky. Pickup times are filled up a week out, but, better than no slots like the delivery option, and you can tweak the order up until the day before pickup. I have a pickup Monday evening!

Yeah, yesterday was a bit of a kick in the nuts, and if the CEO had just left the investor comment off the whole slide deck, it likely would have gone better for me. (I mean I’m still a bit, “if you’re taking 10% of my pay, I want 10% of my time back”, but that will pass.) I can pay my bills. The “really gonna bulk up the savings this year” plan is out the window, tho.

And at least my governor is not an idiot and trying to open things up way too soon like Georgia, so there is definitely that.

Hang in there, be pissy when you need to be.

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