Stupid brain

So, sometimes in the middle of the night I decide I’m too hot, and kick off all the blankets, and then 3 minutes later decide I’m too cold and turn myself into a burrito. Then I’m too hot again, and stick one leg out from under the covers and somehow this works.

Under normal circumstances, this is just how I sleep. Now, half my brain is just trying to get to that perfect temperature, and the asshole half of my brain is going, “YOU GOT IT, YOU DUMBASS!”

That being said, morning temp 95.3° and I’m having my coffee in my happy Arizona mug that I got at spring training to try to get into a brighter headspace. I looked at this mug in the hotel gift shop every day, and despite having too many mugs already, it was too cheery to pass up. I mean, look at it!

A red latte mug with flowering cactus and yellow trim

From better times

My masks from Dr Pussums Catnip company arrived, and they’re great. They’re bright and cheery and have a filter pocket and have strings vs. elastics, which is great. They’re a little big, but a quick roll up of the bottom and it’s a perfect fit. $8 each, they ship within 24 hours, and got here in just a few days. I’m weirdly excited to give these a proper go the next time I have to run an errand.

An assortment of brightly colored fabric face masks.

If we’ve gotta do this, might as well have some fun with it.

They are not kidding about “wash these, they’ve been with catnip” – I opened the package and Lily was immediately, “Whoa, hey, what are these awesome catnip toys WITH STRINGS!??!” Very good thing I got her some catnip goodies of her own in the order. As always, her comfort and delight comes first.

Welp, time to go flail my way through another workday. Stay safe, stay sane, eat as many carbs as you need to.

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