Oh look, it’s Monday again

Day…ooh, 39! Look at us not going anywhere but the grocery store for that many days. (OK, liquor store twice in there, but it’s not my fault they don’t sell Jamesons in the grocery store like they do in other states.)

AND HEY, IT’S 4/20! I do not partake, but Lily is getting high off her catnip pizza this morning. To those who were able to take a PTO day and are lighting up a bowl and checking out – enjoy.

In “I have definitely hit middle age” news – the new humidifier is the bees knees. Lily has already hit the “fine, whatever” stage of its existence in the bedroom, and I woke up without feeling like I had rocks in my nose. That’s really nice!

I also got one of those cleaning balls for the tank, and of course I got the fish-shaped one, so technically, Lily has an aquarium now.

OK, time to go flail through work where I try to figure out if my coworkers are:
A) Just handling all this exceptionally well
B) Faking it
C) A bunch of sociopaths who just don’t care

But, I’ve got a big honking tumbler of cold brew and I’m awake enough to sort of function, so let’s do this!

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2 Responses to Oh look, it’s Monday again

  1. Ashley says:

    Keep meaning to mention that, as a bit of a Humidifier Connoisseur, I can confirm you selected a pretty good one.

    The cleaning balls are the best things, right? I’ve had some really hard-to-clean models over the years, and those are a lifesaver.

    • A Dreamer says:

      Good to know! I really like it so far and it could be my imagination, but it seems to tamp down the dust a tiny bit to boot.

      And the cleaning balls are such a clever idea and I’ve already got a reminder to reorder on my calendar. And the fact that they make a fish shaped one, well, of course I had to get that one.

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