Chocolate chip/butterscotch and they are delicious.

Chocolate chip/butterscotch cookies on a cooling rack.

And why didn’t it occur to me before now to use parchment paper with cookies?? NO BAKING SHEETS TO WASH! No stuck cookies!

I’d thought about making a loaf of french bread, or pound cake today, but it turns out cookies are all I’ve got in me today, unless I catch a second wind. I mean I was never a weekend whirlwind to start with, but this perpetual exhaustion is getting old. (Yes, I realize there is a whole load of disabled folks giving me side-eye right now, and rightfully so.)

I realize most of my “can I just sleep through this, please?” is just the constant layer of stress/anxiety brought on by this pandemic, made SO much worse by watching the administration just fuck it up and make it all worse at every opportunity. There’s no light at the end of the tunnel because these assholes are blowing up the damn tunnel.

I do at least have some level of faith in Virginia’s government. But, so much depends on adequate testing that we just do not have. So, even if they say it’s safe to do some normal things again, if we’re not testing enough…

So, I’ve really got to figure out some good ways to get breaks from this – except all the things that are breaks for me are closed. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

That being said, I took a break in the midst of writing this and took a good long walk and well, fuck, it helped. 🤣 I see a whole other string of consciousness post on my shitty coping mechanisms and getting in fights with my brain.

In silly cat news – I’ve got the humidifier going today to see how quickly it goes through the water, and I went upstairs & Lily was kittyloafing on the bed just *staring* at it. I picked it up and brought it to her so she could feel the mist (cold mist/no oil, can’t hurt her, just make her a bit damp) and she was a bit “Ewh, ick, oh, ohh, wait, that’s kinda nice.” Hopefully she will not decide to block it the way she like to block the heat vents.

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