Some lighter notes…

My humidifier arrived yesterday!

A small pink and white humidifier.

Mmm, humidity

I fired it up for my Saturday afternoon snooze, and even in an hour there was a noticeable difference in my nasal comfort, for lack of a better description.
Only bummer is I can’t use the Vicks packs that you can add to the water, because it can be really bad for Lily, but that’s an easy sacrifice to make.

Unfortunately it ran out of water halfway overnight because I didn’t have it fully filled and didn’t realize how quickly it would go through the water (auto-shutoff FTW, no burnt out motors) but even without it being on all night, it still helped. Already have it filled to the max for tonight.

And brave miss Lily – while she eyed it with suspicion, she did not flee the room in terror!

In other news, so far the weekend has been me repeatedly asking myself, “Am I hungry or am I bored?” Never did fully figure out the answer, but I’m making cookies today, so that should solve both problems for a little while.

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