Things I want out of this…Day 25

When we’re on the backside of all this – or sooner, like…today.

– A new administration.

– Medicare for All.

– Universal Basic Income.

– A 4 day workweek.

OK, that last one is just because the weekends are far too short anyway, and these days getting things done is just somehow harder, it’s not a chance for relaxing. Three days would be far better.

I also really need a new mattress. That’s not new or pandemic related, I am just really noticing it this morning.

Welp, time to get through the day – hang in there, folks.

Here’s a Lily:


The LilyMonster protecting me last night.


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3 Responses to Things I want out of this…Day 25

  1. Ashley says:

    You’re the fourth person I’ve seen mentioning a need for a new mattress, and I’ve been thinking the same. Are we all suddenly more aware of our sleep? I feel like we’re all simultaneously sleeping more and not at all.

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