Not so annoying things

Cause it’s not all shit.

Not technically outside! Curbside pickup at Michael’s – they basically chuck the bag through the car window – my outside clothes are neatly folded and ready for the next trip out. (Likely the market tomorrow because we’re going through milk like water. There will be no calcium deficiencies in this house.)

Brownies for breakfast. The market finally had brownie mix back in stock, but only “family size” – 9×13 pan. OH DARN. My brother made them up last night and they’re lovely and gooey and chocolatey and wonderful and go perfectly with the excess of coffee I brewed this morning.

Empty church parking lots. As I zipped up to Michael’s, I passed the local large Catholic church. No one there. Excellent. (I understand it must be very disappointing to not have church on Palm Sunday, but thank you for not joining several hundred people shoulder to shoulder in a confined space.)

I’m stitching again! Now that I can actually get my brain to settle down long enough to do it. (Still can’t settle in enough to read more than a paragraph in a book, but stitching again is nice.)

Did I mention the brownies?


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