Day 20

The tone deafness of my company is…something else. They’re not being evil, just…oblivious at times?

We’re continuing to work, albeit at home, and this continuation of work doesn’t put anyone at risk, which is good. But it just feels like they’re acting as though the power went out at the building or something. Like this is all an inconvenience more than anything.

I absolutely understand that we’ve still got a product to go out. I am happy I have a job. Once I get settled in for the day, it’s a great distraction from everything else.

But we’re still doing internal stuff and messaging like nothing is happening and it’s all fine. Nothing about any of this is normal, and I’d love for upper management to fucking get that. This isn’t a blizzard or hurricane that’s over in a week and then it’s all back to normal.

Our SVP level is 80% male. And for some of them, it seems this really is just an inconvenience. Cause I’m guessing they’re not the ones trying to keep the kids educated, figuring out the breakpoint on when you *must* go to the store, trying to determine the safest time to even go to the store, how to handle elderly parents, trying to MacGyver up fucking face masks, generally keep the family alive – AND working.

Yes, I know, not all men. But enough.

And I get it – the show must go on and all that. But, our customers have already said how freaking pleased they are with how we’re getting on in all this (and they are not easy to please) so, maybe let’s just let folks keep doing the best they can.

And maybe acknowledge that pretty much everything is harder right now.

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