Day 19…whee…

So, work yesterday was fine once I got settled in, it was just hard again to settle in. My old boss called me to ask who would be good for some training and we ended up spending a good half an hour going, “THIS IS WEIRD, IS IT WEIRD FOR YOU TOO???” That did me more good than any email from corporate.

The June 10th date the Governor threw out was quite the gut punch. The original “shit is closed” end date was 4/24 – you think, OK, I can do that. Then the feds come out with May 1. OK, that’s just one more week. Then Northam comes out with another fucking 40 days. FORTY MORE DAYS.

Mind you, that is 90 days from the original declaration of the State of Emergency, so it wasn’t a date plucked out of thin air. He could always rescind early, and I suspect he doesn’t want to be extending every two weeks or whatever. But going from 31 days to 71…ouch.

The VDH website has a new visual – a chart showing the estimates of when cases started. Last two weeks, it’s spiked after the weekend – hence the Governor going full SIT YOUR ASS DOWN.

The freedom dipshits immediately came out in force on Nextdoor. FFS, shut up, you can still go to the store, and outside, you’re not a prisoner.

My friend pointed out this website that does a great job of showing if you’re flattening the curve or not – does countries & states. Virginia seems to be on the right track so far. (I don’t really follow the national numbers, because I have no faith that they are accurate.)

45 is saying there are no problems with tests, even as Governors tell him on the same call they are still having problems getting tests. I’m waiting for some Governor to finally snap and tell him to go fuck himself.

In the mornings, I watch BBC World News. Been seeing a lot of Nicola Sturgeon (Scotland First Minister) – damn, the Scots are lucky to have her. She’s smart and actually cares about her folks. (Unlike some asshole I could mention who lives in the White House.)


70 days, 15 hours, 41 minutes.

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