And another thing…

I have to go to the grocery store today. Milk is our breaking point, and we’re halfway through the gallon we have, and we’re going through it faster than usual and I’m never sure now that it will be in stock, so, half out = get more.

My list is way longer than I’d prefer, cause I don’t like trolley shopping. I just like running in, getting a couple things and getting out. But now it’s hold out until you hit the breakpoint, so things just keep getting added on until we run low on milk. (Or carried over from the last trip when whatever it was wasn’t in stock.)

And I’m looking at the list and wondering what will and won’t be there. Did the Karens go batshit and clear the aisles AGAIN after the Stay At Home order on Monday? Did the meat case get restocked today? Will there be any paper products?

I’m hoping it will be quiet and clear, which has usually been the case at lunchtime lately, cause while I go to the store fully prepared to do a 180 if it’s crowded, I just don’t want to have to do that today.

Going to the grocery store was never stressful, unless it was right before a snowstorm. And even then, it was one and done. And I wasn’t wondering if I should have gloves or a mask.

This weird specific grocery store stress has been going on almost a month, on top of the general pandemic stress that has been going on since what, early to mid-February as we have been watching this slow motion train wreck of a federal response.

Add to that some serious corporate annoyance today (which to be honest, is what really set me off this morning,) and is it any wonder that all my muscles are in tense little knots today?

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4 Responses to And another thing…

  1. Ashley says:

    Same problem with the milk. I was going to buy some boxes of shelf-stable milk, but it works out to $32/gal, so…no. And I don’t know if rice/soy milk is safe for transplant recipients. So now I’m looking into local dairies, since they’re all running specials right now on home delivery.

    I miss February.

    • A Dreamer says:

      Oh me too. Would powdered milk be an option if you can’t find a dairy close enough?
      We’re some of the few who still drink whole milk, so it’s usually there, but I just can’t shake the “what won’t be there today?” feeling. Very. Annoying.

      • Ashley says:

        I grew up with a lot of Carnation (weird Bahamian quirk), but my father’s a Vermont farm boy, so he’s like you with wanting whole milk. (1% is known as “cow water” here; skim is simply not spoken of.)

        I decided to order some shelf-stable cartons of soy milk for me and Mom, and then I’ll venture out maybe tomorrow to find two gallons of whole milk for Dad. I figure if I freeze it, that limits future trips. Hopefully you can find some and have enough freezer space to adopt a similar strategy!

        I’m really glad you have your brother, by the way. Good to have someone togo through this with.

      • A Dreamer says:

        If where you are is anything like here, whole milk should be the last to sell out. :-D Yep, little bro is alright and has been a good pandemic buddy. He’s even cooking!

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