Day 6

It seems we’re numbering the days now, and I’m considering plague panic Friday to be day 1.

I don’t know what happened today, but something did and my stress and anxiety have just kinda…left. Some little voice in my head pointed out I’ve taken worse mental health hits than this, I’ll get through this one.

Still really fucking angry at the administration and every damn member of the GOP. But there isn’t a damn thing I can do about that except hope that they somehow manage to actually help people while trying to save their own portfolios. (I hope Burr goes to jail for those stock sales.)

Ain’t shit I can do to make test kits show up faster. I can’t stop famous people from magically getting tested when they have no symptoms. I can’t get Elon Musk to shut up and actually make ventilators like he claims he wants to.

I know everyone is getting stir crazy. But shit, unless you’re under proper quarantine, you’re allowed to go the fuck outside.  Take a walk, sit on a balcony – you don’t have to hide in an interior room to do social distancing. Hell, you can even go to the market, just give everyone proper space and wash your fucking hands.

Mind you, if you are under proper quarantine and/or isolation, I genuinely feel for you, and that must suck if you can’t even get outside for a bit. I hope you can get outside soon.

I’ve hit fuck it, stay calm, be smart mode.

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