Well, shit just got real… OK, realer.

Day 7 and Starbucks is closed.

I actually have zero problem with this, and frankly, I’ve been waiting for it. Doesn’t hurt that my cold brew pitcher and beach coffee arrived this week – already got a pitcher going for the morning.

And tomorrow we’ll see if you can really make espresso strength in a french press and how well the milk heater/frother I got works. We may have lattes!

In other news, that Friday night beer hits a bit different when you’re in the middle of a pandemic and market crash. Damn, it tastes extra good tonight.

In other news, we had a department wide meeting today to discuss the whole pandemic thing, and let me tell you, it was kinda surreal. A very large chunk of the department already works remotely, and now we all are, and there was a lot of back-patting over getting that done so quickly. (We’re a tech company, I would hope we could do it quickly.)

It was a weird mix of very nice and totally tone deaf. We’re all in this together, this too shall pass… But honestly, I just kept thinking, “Spoken like someone with a fat bank balance who has apparently not looked at his 401K balance recently.” Folks are scared of the pandemic. They’re even more scared of the pandemic and the very real prospect of being jobless & homeless all at the same damn time.

Virginia is not on full lockdown – just no more than 10 people anywhere… Just shut down the bars/restaurants – they’ve already given them an instant on/off license for beer & wine to supplement carryout, let’s just go ahead and do it.

I’ve also come to the conclusion that – as I suspected – I am fucking useless in the apocalypse. No green thumb, can’t really sew, can sort of cook, but that’s about it. Other than making sure we have food in the house, courtesy of the badasses at Giant food – I got nothing. I get up and test software all day.

And I just watched Rachel Maddow break down on air over the loss of a colleague. A death that most likely could have been prevented had this administration actually looked past polling numbers.

Be kind to each other.

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