I’d say things escalated quickly

But, I guess it tracks.

We’ve finally declared a national emergency, about three weeks too late, but it’s something.

Virginia schools have closed for the next month and that apparently was the trigger point for my community to collectively lose its shit. Between Wednesday night and Friday night, my grocery store went from well stocked, with some hits to toilet paper, cleaning wipes, and hand soap – to wiped the fuck out of tons of stuff. I’ll admit, I was not prepared for that level of…whatever it is when I walked into the market. My jaw dropped and I had to take a couple seconds to gather myself – took a deep breath, stuck to my list and just methodically went down the aisles.

I did manage to get all but two things on my (thankfully short) list last night. Went back this morning – normal Saturday volume, maybe even a touch less – and everyone was giving each other space.

About 50/50 between panic shopping and “I just need 3 things” folks, so maybe we’ll see a slowdown on the panic buying. Got the two things I’d not been able to get last night, and they started restocking the meat case while I was there and rather than stand around like a vulture, I went home, waited an hour and went back, and got a couple more items that were just on my “it would be nice if they have it” list.

And to think I felt so very silly grabbing the BIG packages of toilet paper & paper towels two weeks ago. (There were plenty, I wasn’t taking it away from anyone else or starting fistfights.) I’ve also ordered some more bar towels & hand towels from Target – it will cut down on the paper towel use. (Yes, you can have some new towels, as a pandemic treat.)

After trip #1 to the market this morning, I hit Starbucks and as I was waiting I started feeling a bit shaky/panicky and I DID NOT LIKE THAT and then realized when I got in the car, I hadn’t eaten at all since yesterday. Dumbass.

I went for Potbelly today (mobile ordering – no standing in line next to anyone!) and when I picked up the order, I profusely thanked the clerk and said it had been a really weird couple of days and it was definitely a needed treat and I appreciated them being there. He let me know they put lots of extra napkins in the bag and I thanked him and it didn’t register until later that the subtext was, “in case you run out of toilet paper.”

Came home, ate my sandwich (PB’s ham & swiss is SO good) and suddenly realized I was utterly fucking exhausted. The unspoken stress of the past couple days/weeks just hit me like a ton of bricks.

Lily and I napped like BOSSES.

Stress levels are still too high to be healthy, but it is what it is right now.

Here’s a Lily.

Lily, a black and orange tortoiseshell cat, laying on a blanket, looking adorable

Lily loves you

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