Sure, tanks are kinda cool, but…

Not really appropriate for a 4th of July event here in the US. Yes, other places do that, but they’re other places. And moving 2.5 million from the Park Service for this bullshit. Not like they’re constantly overflowing with funds.

On the whole, the event is going to be a shitshow between the tanks (yes, I know they’re not all really tanks) the fireworks being moved AND used as a bribe on tariffs, and this fucking VIP section for 45’s speech – which will no doubt quickly turn into a campaign speech, which raises a whole other set of issues.

All this while we’re torturing people on the border.

And 45 has decided that he’s going to try to override the Supreme Court to get his racist citizenship question on the census. (Don’t tell me he doesn’t want to try to share that info with ICE.)

The only saving grace is that the weather is not looking good tomorrow and I hope it rains fucking buckets and ruins his day.

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