I know there are bigger things I should be thinking about…

But I am genuinely enjoying watching the GOP lose the collective shit over this freshman Congress.

You can tell they’re lashing out in fear. And they should be afraid. They’ve gotten away with enabling 45 an his hateful policies for two years too long.

Hopefully we can get this shutdown over and done with here soon – despite 45’s insistence that he wants it to go on for months or years until he gets his way…

The D’s need to remind the GOP that Congress is a co-equal branch and are supposed to be one of the checks against the Executive branch and they need to do their damn job. It’s government 101.

We can’t go on with a raving lunatic wannabe dictator in the Oval Office who is essentially locking people out of their jobs and livelihoods because of his dumbass wall, destroying the economy his harebrained policies, and making us look like idiots on the world stage.

Representative Talib is right – it’s past time to impeach the the motherfucker.

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