2018…  Let’s do this

So much to work on this year, but it should be worth it.

Keep nagging my Congresscritters.  (I look forward to the year when I don’t have to this constantly.). It has been heartening to see so many people get engaged and pushing back, and I am sure we’re gong to see that continue.  Just gotta not get completely exhausted.

More balance between work and everything else.  2017 was pretty much work and nothing else.  Need to take a few more days off.  A week at the beach isn’t enough over the course of the year.

Read more.  Twitter is enjoyable, but it doesn’t count, and I’m certainly not lacking for reading material.

Make more art.  Good, bad, disastrous, just make more art and put it out there.

Write more.  No good having worlds and stories just all in my head, gotta get it on paper.

Cook more.  I’m not a half bad cook and I should do that more.

Move more.  My ass in danger of becoming permanently glued to the couch.

May 2018 be a spectacular improvement over 2017 for all of us.

Double  Irish Coffee with whipped cream in pint glass that says I Am My Own Wingman

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