No phone?  No problem. HA!!

Good lord not having my phone is absolutely maddening.  All my two factor authentication is out the window, I don’t know how to get anywhere right outside my immediate neighborhood, I’m terrified that my car will decide to break down and I won’t be able to call for assistance, and I’m just generally out of sorts.  Yes, I am too dependent on it, but let’s be real, smartyphones have become a normal tool of everyday life.

The display was separating from the housing and I thought I could put up with it until I hit my upgrade window in July.  The I wondered what would cause that, and I did some googling.

The verdict?  Swelling battery.  Well, off to the Sprint store, because I’ve had one mobile battery explode and that was enough to for a lifetime.

Somewhere in the back of my head, I knew they wouldn’t be able to fix it on site, but I still hoped…  But the tech took one look and said “damaged beyond repair” and it has to go through all the insurance channels to get me a functioning phone again.  5-7 days in theory.  But I dropped it off Thursday night, so it wasn’t even leaving the store until Friday, and it’s not even going to be in front of anyone until Tuesday.  (Unless they’re working Saturdays, which I doubt.)

And there is no mechanism to track any of this online – only the store can check on it, and I’m not going to bug them.  Maddening.

My iPad is picking up the slack as well as it can, but it’s 5 years old and pretty slow and probably needs a factory reset (if not a replacement) and I don’t dare do that right now because I am sure there is going to be some 2 factor authentication issue along the way, and well, I don’t have my phone.

This too shall pass, but it’s gonna drive me up a wall in the meantime.

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