On the downhill side of the week..

And I’m kinda looking forward to my dental appointment tomorrow afternoon.  (It’s been a brain bending week so far.)

Last day and a half has been consumed by one client, who thankfully has been incredibly pleasant and patient while I’ve been picking through database tables trying to figure out where everything went sideways.  Sadly, this has meant I’ve not been able to get anything else done, but that’s how it is some days.

The kicker here is that this all got escalated to me, which is fine, but the guy it was escalated *from* decides he’s full of advice for me.  Um, OK, would you like the mess back on your desk?  No?  OK then.

On a way cooler note, thanks to the excellent descriptions by Jeff Lewis of the Outer Banks Voice, I have identified the owls I hear at night as Barred Owls.  Never seen them, but hear them all the time.

In weird “Only in DC”news:

Here’s a cat:

Carmen on my lap

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