I’ll admit it – I lacked imagination.

At, least as far as the campaign of He Who Shall Not Be Named is concerned.  (I realize this lack of imagination does not bode well for any future writing career I may envision…)

But I really didn’t see it getting to this point.  I figured he would get in to promote his book, get bored and be done with it.

I sure as hell didn’t see his racist, bigoted, and violent supporters coming out of the woodwork – or his gleeful embrace of them.  (I’d like to think it is because I like to see the best in people and not that I am a terrible political strategist – but it could be both.  There is probably a reason I am not being courted by K Street.)

In the very early days, I expected he’d have some support amongst the “we should run the government like a business” crowd.  (Even though you cannot and should not run a government like a business, and certainly not like he has run his businesses.  But there is always a percentage of the populace that wants a business person in charge.)

And then every time he said something more patently awful, I kept thinking, “OK, this will do him in.  Either his supporters will back away slowly or the party will do something, or both, and this farce will be over.”

And neither happened.

I will take some responsibility in this.  Somehow I have contributed to a society where it is acceptable to be the way he is, and the way his followers are.  I didn’t tell people that their words or actions were not acceptable often enough.  I didn’t condemn my representatives for allowing bad behavior towards our President.  I didn’t say, “You need to cut this shit out RIGHT NOW” in my best Mom voice.  (And I have a really good Mom voice when the situation warrants it.) I just kept writing it off to “Wow, some people are REALLY sore losers.”

But at the same time, I feel like there HAD to have been strategists in the GOP who saw exactly the things that I just couldn’t envision.  (And I feel for them, because it must suck to see things like this in advance.)

And yet, I read articles about how the GOP is “trying” to derail his campaign.  Look, I have seen House of Cards – hey GOP, you’re not trying very hard.

I know that my country isn’t perfect.  I know that racism didn’t magically go away when President Obama was elected.  I know that I have probably stayed quiet sometimes because I just couldn’t deal with a confrontation with someone.

But I didn’t see a George Wallace 2.0 campaign coming.

I just thought better of my fellow citizens, imperfect as we all may be.

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