OK Universe, you win.

In a naive or just plainly stupid move, I had great hopes about securing a position within my federal or county government.  Not a senior executive in charge of everything position – just a public sector position.  And I have given up.

I’m not sure what the last straw was, but it has hit and my job searching back has broken.  (I suspect it was being determined “Best Qualified” for a cattle call for resumes that I somehow missed was a cattle call for resumes where there was no intent to hire.  Maybe not, but that stands out at the moment.  My bad for missing that they were just amassing resumes for a later date, but jeez.)

I know the governmental hiring process is slow – but there are positions where a decision hasn’t been made one way or another in 11 months.  There is slow and there is not hiring but refusing to say you’re not hiring.

So, private sector headhunters – I’ll be in touch.

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