Yeah, I threw $4 at the black hole known as the PowerBall

500 million dollars?  Hell yeah, I’ll buy a couple tickets.

How much fun would it be to be able to spend the rest of your life being the ultimate Secret Santa?

I’d remodel my house top to bottom, get a beach cottage, and probably buy a new Jeep.  Do some traveling.

That wouldn’t even put a dent in the total.  I’d spend the rest of my life giving the rest away.  Gawd that would  be fun.

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3 Responses to Yeah, I threw $4 at the black hole known as the PowerBall

  1. Ashley says:

    We have the same lottery fantasy. I always imagine paying off my parents’ mortgage and buying the house from them, setting them up with something better, travelling a bit, and then giving to hundreds of charities. I have a mental list of scholarships I want to create and whatnot. No “Lottery Ruined My Life” episode for me.

    • A Dreamer says:

      Exactly. I’d love the be the one that causes the headline of, “Local family totally screwed over by landlord after substandard house catches fire can now go buy a new house for cash and no one knows who did it.” or “Animal shelter gets tons of money and supplies from random stranger.”
      It would be SO. MUCH. FUN.

      • Ashley says:

        For now, I leave change on shelves near items like generic baby supplies and dollar-store food. It’s my tiny contribution to the faerie force.

        My grandmother won the lottery in the late ’70s. She got $10,000/yr for 10 years (more like $6,000/yr after taxes). It basically gave her enough to pay off her house, spend a few winters in Florida, and buy her siblings in Vermont their first television sets.

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