$900 Million

Yes, that is a little mind boggling to say the least.  (Powerball, if you’re late to the party.)  I was listening to the radio this afternoon and they were interviewing people about the “what if you won” scenarios and they noted that it really seemed to be too large a number for folks to wrap their heads around.

I did some quick math – cash option, taxes, split with my brother – chuck the rest into a money market account and you’re looking at 17K a month in income.  Go crazy and put half in a high yield muni bond fund?  268K a month.  In two months that would be enough to tear down and rebuild my house.  Six months – car, beach cottage and anything else I could possibly need – pretty much forever – is covered.

After that it is a lifetime of “who needs money, cause I got some!”  Honestly, I can’t really figure out how I could possibly spend that much money on myself.  (Don’t get me wrong, I’d like to try.)

They’re saying on the radio that there’s a good chance it will be a billion dollars by the end of the day.


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4 Responses to $900 Million

  1. Ashley says:

    You gotta budget $25 to adopt a manatee, though. That’s just common sense. Maybe even spring for the $35 option with the calendar.

    • A Dreamer says:

      Hell, it’s almost a billion dollars. I’ll adopt TWO manatees.
      Headline 1 year from now: Powerball winner broke!
      How did it happen?
      “I adopted all the manatees.”

      • Ashley says:

        Suddenly they go from endangered to invasive and you’re on the hook for the lettuce bill.

        Someone bought me a ticket. I suppose if it wins, I’ll have to split it…begrudgingly.

  2. ridingfool says:

    And don’t ferget all yer internets fiends, err, friends.

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