Rey has a playlist on Spotify!

I’d recently read some posts about Spotify having playlists for Star Wars characters, and it pretty much focused on Kylo Ren’s being pretty emotastic – but it made me think, “Wait, wait, wait – if they did one for him, they would have done one for Rey, right?!”  And a day or so ago I searched and was super pleased to see that she DID have a playlist, and it was pretty awesome.  I was actually listening to The Scavenger as the new year arrived, and I think this is going to be my “get pumped up to go and kick ass” playlist for the foreseeable future.  You should add it to whatever you follow on Spotify, cause it’s fantastic.

Here are the screenshots of the list:

2015-12-31 06.24.23 2015-12-31 06.24.38 2015-12-31 06.25.03 2015-12-31 06.25.14 2015-12-31 06.25.24 2015-12-31 06.25.35 2015-12-31 06.26.01 2015-12-31 06.26.09







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