I wish I knew what was different this year…

It’s Christmas Eve and I’m sitting at Beijing Tokyo waiting on my shrimp tempura bento lunch – it’s my reward for braving CVS today for a couple last minute stocking stuffers. Which isn’t really unusual, there are lots of folks out snagging last minute Christmas stuff and having lunch. What’s odd is that it is Christmas Eve and I am sitting here having lunch and I am completely relaxed. I cannot remember the last time that happened at the holidays. I even finished wrapping all the presents last night and today is just getting the stockings sorted out and watching NORAD track Santa.

I thought maybe it was because my finals were early so I had more time to get ready, but that was kind of cancelled out by the fact that I left town for four days after the semester was over. I don’t think I got my shopping started any earlier than normal. Baking weekend was at the normal time and I don’t think I skimped on the baked goods for the neighbors. Things just came together this year, and I don’t know exactly what changed this year, but I sure as hell hope to repeat it next year.

Here’s hoping that your Christmas Eve is as happy and relaxed as mine is.

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