Happy Boxing Day

and no, it does not mean you can punch a family member, no matter how much you really might want to.*

I hope everyone out there had a nice Christmas – I know I did.  Lots of books, lots of candy and a new camera.  I only got the memory card for it this afternoon, so I haven’t had a chance to inundate the internet with more photos of my pets just yet.  (But I do have the space for ~4,000 photos, so consider yourself warned.)  The animals are all having a good time with their new toy as well.  (Though it is difficult to explain to the dog that the toys for the cats are just that – the toys for the cats.)

One funny thing about our Christmas (at least to me) is that my brother and I are not morning people, so we have a very leisurely afternoon brunch on Christmas.  I’m usually up long before he is, so I was flipping through Facebook yesterday and everyone’s Christmas was already over – and ours hadn’t even started yet!  Kind of extended Christmas for me.  :)

OK, one quick video from the new camera – don’t worry, there are no cats in it.

ETA: I almost forgot – my brother got stuff for the National Zoo for me, too!  Chilling stone, scratching mat and climbing triangles!

*It’s the day church charity boxes are opened and the proceeds distributed to the needy in the parish.  But I do understand the desire to punch a family member at the holidays and have a special day just for that – but I think it falls during the Festivus Airing of the Grievances.

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