So, when’s the last time you changed that Brita filter?

So, last year, our old Brita pitcher got a crack in it, so I got two new ones, one for the kitchen and one for upstairs. (Way easier to just have one upstairs for refilling the humidifier and nightstand water glass.)

The new ones have this nifty LED thing in the lid to tell you when to change the filter. This is good, cause I do not ever remember when I put the last filter in, and when the humidifier isn’t in use, neither one gets used super heavily – maybe 2-3 pitchers worth a week.

So, they’ve stayed green for quite a while. After having to start up the humidifier again, because I apparently live in a damn desert, the upstairs one finally went to 25%/Orange.

Now, being stubborn, I did not change the filter, because 25% left is not zero. Sure, it was refilling slowly, but these pitchers aren’t really known for a quick fill.

Well, it finally went to 0%/red yesterday.

Switched out the filter and refilled it.


The speed with which that sucker refilled was astounding. I even double checked to be sure the filter was set in properly and the water wasn’t just rushing *around* the filter.

The amount of sediment that must have been built up in the old filter…

There is now a permanent entry on the to-list. Change the filter when it hits 2 months or 25%. If you wait for 0%, you’re going to lose days of your life waiting for it to refill.

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