OK, now I am extra glad I got the car tended to yesterday.

Cause I’ve had a really productive day (well, for me) and it’s 4PM and I don’t have to even *think* about the car, which is so nice, cause I don’t have much “get shit done” left in me today.

I intentionally kept my to do list short today, cause I know when it gets too long, I just go into vapor lock and then nothing at all gets done.

But today, I did good. Plates off the car, litter box tended to, dishes done and dishwasher running, washload of masks and towels going, plants watered and rotated, took my vitamins, washed my face, and grocery store run done.

Dinner is even sorted! We’re going super easy – Buitoni Sweet Italian Sausage Tortelloni with some alfredo sauce. God bless whoever it was in product development who said, “What if we made fresh pasta that folks could have in the fridge so they could have stuffed pasta at home that doesn’t come out of a can?”

And now I can spend time working on this:

Cross stitch project of the Governors Mansion in Williamsburg Virginia
Stabby time!
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