Happy Saturday!

And I am in the process of adjusting my attitude as best I can. Kept telling myself I was only rather annoyed at the fact that I’ll be working tomorrow & Monday, but frankly, I’m fairly pissed about it. My department is really good about “take your PTO!” but inevitably the week or so leading up to it, I spend as many extra hours working as I’m about to take off…

I gotta get this figured out, so I’m not going on PTO completely fucking exhausted and/or still logging in to get shit done every time I try to take time off. Part of the issue this time around is the bit I’m working on – I’m testing 3 calculation methods, but every time I find a bug, I have to test that bug fix against all 12 calculation methods. And when you find 70% of the bugs, that slows shit down. As my brother pointed out “sure seems like you’re making extra work there for yourself” – and honestly, it’s sure as shit a disincentive to find things wrong.

I supposedly have until 5/31 to finish it given every official communication, but I also got “are you going to have all that done before your PTO?” I mean, fuck me, I guess I didn’t have those two days when I’m back? But it is what it is, and I’ll have this figured out before my PTO in July.

But I’m getting my head back on straight and it started with going and getting my weekly dopamine hit at the farmers market. I realized another reason I love it – not just the fresh air and exercise, but I love any kind of street fair or festival – and what is the farmers market if not a little street fair?

And as such, we’ve got salad greens, green onions, radishes, strudels, sammich & sweet breads, jerk pork & rice for dinner, and MOAR CHERRY TOMATOES! I always get the variety pint of cherry tomatoes, and this week there are a handful of these wee ones with little divots in them – I don’t think I’ve seen these before. Seems to be some variation on a grape tomato? I’m sure it will be tasty whatever it is.

A plate with four small oval tomatoes with little divots in them - I think they are a type of grape tomato?
Mystery noms!

And the train station where the market is has gardens and wooded areas around it and this morning there were these gorgeous irises – not sure if they’re Japanese or Siberian, but they’re so pretty!

Purple Siberian or Japanese Iris

And the other fun thing today is A BEER FESTIVAL THIS AFTERNOON!! It’s very close by so it’s a cheap Uber trip, and the rain that was supposed to come won’t hit until early evening and one of the food trucks is a GREAT pizza vendor I used to hit up in DC all the time. And it’s at the arts center and all the artists shops will be open! Plus, ya know, beer, wine, and booze.

And it runs from noon to 7PM so we have plenty of time and don’t have to rush to get there or get through it all. Bonus for this human who hates rushing about for any reason.

And on that note, I’m gonna go get myself cleaned up so I can go wander around in the sunshine and taste beers and wines and booze and eat some pizza.

You have some fun today!

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